The Internet Erupts with Joy to Tyra Banks’ ‘ANTM’ News

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This has been a rough year, guys. But last night we got some news that just made everything better (ok, not everything, but some things). Last night, America’s Next Top Model creator Tyra Banks took to Twitter to announced that she was returning as the host!

Guys, we don’t want to overhype this, but this is clearly life-changing news. After a disappointing season of watching Rita Ora fumble her way through hosting, we are relieved to have our smize queen Tyra back in the driver’s seat. Although Tyra was still working on ANTM behind the scenes, it’s her on-air personality that really makes the show.

And it looks like Twitter agrees! Fans have been going absolutely bananas since the news broke and America’s New Top Model has been a trending topic since Tyra tweeted out her return. Check out some of the best fan tweets below.

In case you missed the initial tweet that started it all, Tyra wrote last night:

And although Tyra was super gracious and thanked Rita for her service, we all know what she was really thinking: “Bitch, bye.”

Tyra previously returned for the last season’s finale, and clearly, it gave her the hosting bug again.

The show will remain on the new network VH1 but no news yet of who will be her panel of judges. We hope Ashley Graham returns though because 2017 is totally the year of body confidence! And who represents that more than Graham?

Tyra has been super busy the last year with her new baby boy (who she welcomed with the help of a surrogate). And now she’s also set to take over Nick Cannon’s job as host of America’s Got Talent. She also runs her own business The Tyra Banks Company, which includes her makeup like “Tyra.” Could she be any more talented? We think not.

Welcome back home, Tyra!

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