'The Good Doctor' vs. 'The Resident' Reviews: Battle of the Medical Dramas

Medical dramas have pretty much been a staple of TV since forever. And in 2018, two newbies popped on the scene — The Good Doctor and The Resident — and are both pretty much amazing.

But they’re both super different so if you’re trying to pick which one to watch, then I’ve got you covered. Let the face-off begin!

The Good Doctor
the good doctor review
Credit: The Good Doctor/ Facebook
The Lead

Freddie Highmore as Shaun Murphy, an autistic young doctor how to navigate the hospital

Where You Know Him From

Bates Motel

You’ll Love Him Because:

He’s completely adorkable and throws himself into every role he takes on. As Shaun, he’s super lovable and you’ll find yourself rooting for him every time

You’ll Love the Show If:

You like low-key drama without being too soap-opera-y and a heartwarming story.

Shows It’s Like:

House, MD. The two shows actually have the same producer and The Good Doctor is essentially House if you replace a grumpy doctor with an autistic one.

The Bottom Line:

The Good Doctor is entertaining and everyone is excellent in their roles. But it’s not juicy enough to make me excited each week for it to air. I’ll usually watch it once I’ve watched everything else from that day.

The Resident
the resident review
Credit: The Resident/ Facebook
The Lead:

Matt Czuchry as Conrad Hawkins, a badass, rule-breaking doctor showing a new intern the ropes

Where You Know Him From:

Gilmore Girls, The Good Wife

You’ll Love Him Because:

Um, look at him! He’s sexy as hell plus a damn good actor. He’ll make you feel all the feels every time.

You’ll Love This Show If:

You love serious drama, romantic intrigue, tear-worthy scenes, and badass babes

Shows It’s Like:

The Good Wife and A Million Little Things. Same level of drama, twists, and turns. Will definitely make you cry every few episodes.

Bottom Line:

This show is juicy AF, but can also cross the line into soap-opera territory. But Matt Czuchry is so unbelievably charismatic and charming, he just lights up the entire screen. Plus, the show has started tackling some great issues like maternal mortality rates in black women.

The Winner

Sorry, Freddie but I got to go with The Resident this time. The Good Doctor is definitely worth watching but it’s not addictive. The Resident will have you on the edge of your seat. And as soon as the episode ends, you’ll find yourself dying for more.


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